What is the ACS Workshop at UTFSM (AWU)?

The ALMA Common Software (ACS) Workshop at UTFSM is a five-day event, organized by the ACS-UTFSM Group, to be held from July 5 to 11, 2007 at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Valparaíso, Chile). It will consist of two days of presentations given by some of the invited participants, followed by a three-day course, exclusively for ACS developers.

With this Workshop we wish to gather together ACS developers and ACS current and potential users, with the goal of having an introduction to the ACS framework, discussing about its current development status, and exploring ideas about how ACS could be used by other projects outside ALMA.

The Workshop's organization is based on previous ones that have been taking place at ESO Headquarter in Garching, Germany since 2004 (see links on the side bar). The ACS-UTFSM Group is financed by the ALMA-Conicyt Fund.

Our Mission

To spread and share experiences about ACS and its applications, inside and outside the ALMA project.

Divulgar y compartir experiencias en torno a ACS y sus aplicaciones, tanto dentro como fuera del proyecto ALMA.

Our Vision

To be the main instance of discussion about ACS in Latin America and to place the UTFSM as the headquarter of ACS in the continent.

Ser LA instancia de discusión sobre ACS en Latinoamérica y posicionar a la UTFSM como centro de operaciones de ACS en el continente.