Global Planification

The AWU will be about 5 days, with 2 days of presentations (July 5-6) and a 3-days course (July 9-11). Each day's activities should begin at 9:00 and finalize not after 18:00.

The first 2 days will be at Salón de Honor, A Building. The second part (course) will take place at Auditorio Claudio Matamoros (F-106), F Building.

The general planification for each day follows. See the Agenda for more detalis.

Day 1 - 2 (Participant's presentations and introduction to the course)

  • Presentations of the invited instructors and some participants.
  • These days will be open to the community, including the participation of people who aren't ACS developers or users.
  • Special guests from Garching: Gianluca Chiozzi and Jorge Ibsen.

Day 1 (General presentations)

  • General introduction. Each participant will present him/herself, and there will be presentations prepared by some participants about his/her current work.
  • Each presentation will be about 20 minutes + 5 minutes questions. We have time for eight (8) presentations.
  • The main idea is to introduce the participants and instructors to the audience, show what is being done with ACS, and promote the interaction between the different groups using or considering the use of ACS as their software development framework.

Day 2 (Technical presentations)

  • This will be mainly an introduction to the course work, but will also be interesting for people who won't take the complete workshop.
  • Mostly presentations about ACS concepts and demos, no hands-on work.

Day 3 - 5 (Workshop/course for developers)

  • Hands-on work course/workshop, with limited number of participants (about 20 persons).
  • One laboratory with desks for one PC each working team.
  • One single track, guided by the invited instructor from Garching, Jorge Ibsen. The program is based on the ACS Workshop and Advanced Course 2007 Agenda (beginner's track).
  • You can see the project description and organization on our Twiki.