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Advanced Track                                
Community Presentations (Auditorio Principal, A Building)
Time Tile Contributor
09:00, 60m Registration
10:00, 15m Welcome coffee
10:15,15m Introduction to the Workshop (plan for the 5 following days) Horst von Brand,
Matias Mora
10:30, 15m Around the table: who is who! all participants
10:45, 45m What is ACS and current status Jorge Ibsen
11:30, 15m Questions & Answers
12:00, 30m ALMA-UTFSM Group Development and Status Rodrigo Tobar
12:30, 90m Lunch at UTFSM canteen
14:00, 30m ALMA Telescope Monitor and Control Configuration Database Pablo Burgos
14:30, 30m ESO 50cm Telescope Setup Status Maurizio Baffico
15:00, 30m Delay Server: a piece of the ALMA Interferometry Rubén Soto
15:30, 30m Coffee break
16:00, 30m APECS: Using ACS at APEX Mauricio Cárdenas
16:30, 30m NOAO Virtual Observatory Portal Exequiel Fuentes
17:00, 30m The Generic Telescope Control System Tomás Staig
17:30, 30m Open discussion all participants
18:00 End of day

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