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Community Presentations (Auditorio Principal, A Building)
Time Tile Contributor
09:00, 60m Registration
10:00, 15m Welcome coffee
10:15,15m Introduction to the Workshop (plan for the 5 following days) Jorge Ibsen and Horst von Brand
10:30, 30m Around the table: who is who! all participants
11:00, 35m ALMA and current status Jorge Ibsen
11:35, 35m ALMA-UTFSM Group Status Camilo Menay
12:10, 20m Questions & Answers
12:30, 90m Lunch at UTFSM canteen
14:00, 30m Informatics and Astronomy at the UCN: Current Status and Future Perspectives Jaime Pavlich
14:30, 30m Telescopes and Instruments at Observatorio UC Maurizio Baffico
15:00, 30m eVLBI in TIGO Sergio Sobarzo
15:30, 30m Coffee break
16:00, 30m Gran Telescopio Canarias Control System component development cycle José Antonio Rodríguez Losada
16:30, 30m APECS 2.0/2.1: Upgrading the APEX Control System Juan Pablo Araneda
17:00, 30m Cherenkov Telescope Array Anton Lopatin
17:30 End of day

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