Basic Track                                                          
Advanced Track                                                   
Technical Presentations (Auditorio Principal, A Building)
Time Tile Contributor
9:00, 30m ACS Current Status Jorge Ibsen
9:30, 60m Component Container and Lifecycle Management Jorge Ibsen
10:30, 30m Coffee break  
11:00, 45m Configuration Database Bogdan Jeram
11:45, 45m BACI Properties Bogdam Jeram
12:30, 90m Lunch at UTFSM canteen  
14:00, 45m Notification Channel Heiko Sommer
14:45, 45m Logging and Error System Alessandro Caproni
15:30, 30m Coffee break  
16:00, 30m Alarm System Alessandro Caproni
16:30, 30m ACS Daemons Heiko Sommer
17:00, 30m ALMA Software Engineering Erik Allaert
17:30, 15m Questions & Answers  
17:45 End of day  

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