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Advanced Track                                                   
Basic Track:   Building the first component (F-106)
Time Title Instructor
09:00, 30m Troubleshooting and development tools Heiko Sommer and Bogdan Jeram
09:30, 15m What ACS nightmares did you have? Questions & Answers. Project build.  
09:45, 45m Group exercises:
-Continuing with the development
-Introducing error handling(?)
10:30, 30m Coffee break  
11:00, 90m Group exercises:
-Finalizing first implemetation attempt
-Manual tests (objexp)
12:30, 60m Lunch  
13:30, 30m Alarm System revisited  
14:00, 90m Group exercises:
- Alarms implementation / Adding logging and error handling
- Further component development
15:30, 30m Coffee break  
16:00, 30m Automatic testing TAT: Writing tests  
16:30, 30m Group exercises: Tests development  
17:00, 15m Questions & Answers  
17:15 End of day  

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